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Perry Smith

Java Q & A

This is a forum for learning and discussing the Java programming language. If you have any Java questions, or you would like to help others, go to the searchable message board and post a question or reply for others to read, respond to, and learn from. Replying to the messages of others is a great way to review and stay sharp on the subject and helps keep this forum alive and running.

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See Borland JBuilder Products (Popular Java development software).

What is the Java Virtual Machine?

The JVM is the software that executes Java bytecode. A Java program, written in a file with a .java extension, is compiled into class files that have a .class extension. The class files are written in bytecode. To execute these files, the computer uses the JVM to interpret the bytecode.

A browser that is capable of executing Java applets has the JVM built into it. To run a Java application, the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) must be installed. The JRE contains the files in the Java Development Kit minus the development tools, only the files necessary to run a Java application are present.

The bytecode is the same for all platforms, but the JVM will be different on different platforms because it needs to execute programs using the native code of the machine it is running on.

If your new to Java, take a look at what Java is and the New-to-Java Programming Center in addition to using this site.

Latest Java Software

Visit the Java Chat Room. You only need to enter a username to use chat, no password. You can get help, give help, or simply enjoy chatting with others also interested in Java.

Add your Java resource.

See an example from some of the code I am considering for a project involving software for webmasters.

Check out a popular Java book about Java style and best practices, The Elements of Java Style. As you know, it's not enough just to make it work. HOW you make it work and look is even more important. How many times have you been told, "Yes, it works, but that doesn't look like Java should" or "You shouldn't do it that way." This book is about writing high-quality code. Check it out now!
Core Java 2, Volume 1: Fundamentals 5/e
Core Java 2, Volume 1: Fundamentals 5/e

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